hdfc insta jumbo loan / 10lakh loan approved in 2 minutes 

hdfc credit card insta jumbo loan You can get a loan up to ₹ 10 lakh sitting at home in just 2 minutes, it is very easy and simple to take this loan whenever you need money, you can immediately from your laptop mobile computer By completing this process, you can get a personal loan up to Rs 1000000 in just 2 minutes.

You can take this loan without giving any documents to the HDFC credit card holder just after completing the OTP process from your mobile and if you do not have HDFC credit card then you can apply for HDFC credit card with HDFC credit card. How to apply for this, you can visit our other post, which will be the next post after the post, in which we will inform you how you can apply for a credit card sitting at home in just 5 minutes.

hdfc personal loan:-

To take HDFC Credit Card Personal Loan, you first have to login to the official website of HDFC Bank, after which you have to check your offer by clicking on New in Offer, if you want to direct this process then you can click on this You can directly visit that page by linking.

HDFC Credit Card Jammu Loan Link –

There are two types of hdfc credit cadr loan, in which you are given an instant loan and a jumbo loan is given, the interest charged by the bank in both types of loans is the same but there is some difference in both types of loans. which is as follows-


If you use any HDFC credit card, then you can take an instant loan on it anytime you take this loan, then that loan is less than your credit limit like if your credit card limit is ₹ 500000 Then you can take a loan of up to ₹ 450000 from this card and the loan you take with this card, your card limit is blocked, which you cannot use until you deposit the loan taken from the bank. give .

The way you keep depositing the loan in hdfc bank, in the same way gradually the limit of your card also increases if you have taken a loan of 450000 and your limit is 50,000 then you can add it within 2 months if ₹ If you deposit 50000 then your 50000 limit increases further, in this way now your card usage capacity becomes ₹ 100000 and in the same way if you deposit ₹ 200000 after some time then now your card capacity is ₹ Increases up to 300000, this loan blocks your credit card.

Therefore, whenever you take an instant loan, your credit card limit is blocked, so whenever you take an instant loan, you must take care that your credit limit is at least blocked and you deposit the loan amount as soon as possible give.


HDFC Credit Card Jammu Loan does not block your credit card limit, this loan is given more than your credit card limit, so whenever you are taking a personal loan on credit card, then you should keep in mind that you take a jumbo loan, in this you will have to pay your credit. The limit of the card does not have to be consumed, as well as the credit card you are taking Jammu loan can get more than your limit.While taking HDFC Credit Card Jammu Loan you just have to enter your mobile number and OTP received on that mobile and you can take HDFC Jumbo Loan.


As we have given you information above that you can take these people only credit card holders if you have credit card then you can click on this link-    

You come to the HDFC loan on credit card option, here you have to enter some details like the mobile number you have entered while taking the credit card or the number on which you get the message, you have to enter the mobile number here after which Whichever credit card you are using, you have to enter the last 4 digits of that credit card.

After this you reach the next page where you have to verify your mobile number, here you have to enter the 6 digit OTP number sent to your mobile and click on verify yourself.


hdfc credit card insta jumbo loan- Now you reach a page where you are shown that you are eligible to take a loan up to Rs. You are using and on the other side you see that how much loan the bank is offering you, it depends on your credit history, how much loan the bank is offering you, some people it starts from ₹ 20000 in the initial days. And those who have a good credit history, the bank offers a loan of up to Rs 1000000, it depends on the different credit limit on each user.


hdfc credit card insta jumbo loan- Now you must be seeing below that the bank is offering you a certain limit but if you do not need that limit then you can increase or decrease your loan by clicking on the loan select option Huh. For this, you can apply two options, one you can write manually – whether you want ₹ 100000 or ₹ 200000 or you can end down by clicking on the arrow, you can fill in as much loan as you want do.

hdfc bank jambo loan time upto:-

Now you will see below that you will see the loan period, here you have to decide for how long you want the loan, for 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 ​​months and 60 months, you will see this loan period in this option here But you can click up and down on the time period for which you want the loan, if you want, you can proceed to the procedure by clicking on 60 months or 12 months whichever you feel is appropriate.

How to check HDFC Jumbo Loan EMI-

When you select the loan tenure only then you will see that at the bottom you see an EMI option where you get to see for how long you are taking the loan, the longer you take the loan, the higher your EMI. If you take a loan for 5 years, then your EMI becomes very less and if you give it for less time then your EMI becomes high.


The processing fee for taking hdfc credit card loan may vary from time to time like if you see this now, it is costing you ₹ 250 but it will also be returned to you within 90 days. If you check this offer at this time then no processing fee is being charged from you right now but it keeps on increasing from time to time.

HDFC credit card jumbo loan interest rate-

The interest rate of HDFC personal loan varies depending on the tenure of the loan. If you are taking this loan for 12 months then you may have to pay an interest rate of 2% and the same if you pay it for 24 months. 1.96% and if you take it for 36 months then you have to pay 1.92% interest and if you take loan for 48 months then you have to pay interest rate of 1.88% and the same if you take 60 months If you take a loan, then you have to pay very low interest rate, you will have to pay 1.83% interest.

Last process and HDFC personal loan amount in your account-

hdfc credit card insta jumbo loan- When you have completed all this process and get information about how much loan you have to take, for how much time you have to take it, then you have to complete the same process in the last that You have to OK the condition in the bank team and click on confirm.

So you have seen how easy and simple it is to take a bank loan from hdfc credit card, for this you do not need any kind of documents nor do you need to go to the bank whether it is sunday, festival or night time. Minutes to process and your amount is credited to your account.